Apr 11

Wearable Inc. is looking for an individual for a contract development opportunity involving a rich, client-side HTML5 application that interfaces with a portable Internet of Things (IoT) device through HTTP and WebDAV. The total project timeframe is roughly three months, with a functionally complete prototype needed in approximately six weeks, and will involve:

  • Implementing the graphic design wireframe for the application using responsive CSS and potentially JavaScript libraries such as Raphael, and providing feedback or requests for clarification to the graphic designer as appropriate.
  • Developing JavaScript to interface to the embedded server in the device, including updating the user interface dynamically, and with graceful degradation of functionality on browsers not supporting XHR2 and other necessary features.
  • Providing support for internationalization of the application.

The person we’re looking for:

  • Must be an individual; please don’t contact us as a representative of a firm.
  • Must have experience implementing modern HTML5 and JavaScript functionality on recent browsers, especially including touch-friendly design for mobile device browsers for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Technologies you’ll need to use for this project include XHR2, file access, animation, vector graphics with Raphael or similar, video, audio, drag and drop, and accessibility.
  • Must be able to show examples of previous projects you’ve done in HTML5; please don’t contact us if your personal portfolio is done in Flash.

We’re located in Palatine, IL, and are willing to consider a remote contractor for this project. Interested individuals should contact and provide a brief background or résumé along with a portfolio or list of example projects.

Wearable Inc. launched AirStash®, the world’s first wireless flash drive, in 2010, and now distributes the second generation AirStash A02 worldwide in partnership with Hitachi Maxell. The AirStash software platform uniquely integrates WebDAV-based storage and WiFi with DirectLink™ and SideLink™ technologies that make it easy to connect to and discover wireless accessories in any network environment. Wearable’s software platform will power Internet of Things (IoT) accessories from some of the world’s largest consumer electronics brands in 2013.

Jan 25

AirStash+ 2.1 for Android


AirStash+ 2.1 for Android is now available on Google Play, featuring thumbnails in the file list view and a revamped music player interface. Now browsing through your files and media is even easier with image and music album art thumbnails, and descriptive icons for other file types. The revamped music player shows your high-quality album art in full size and allows you to easily pause and switch tracks by tapping and swiping on the album art.

Other improvements include:

  • Faster-loading thumbnails in the photo import selector.
  • Music metadata displayed in the music player and quick notification.
  • Photo import/export tabs let you quickly choose between importing/exporting photos or videos.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity bug fixes, UI improvements, and miscellaneous bug fixes.

AirStash+ for Android is the easiest way to stream media, import or export photos, and transfer files to expandable, shareable storage from your Android device. With DirectLink™ auto-connect, it’s as easy as turning on the AirStash, running the AirStash+ app, and selecting your AirStash from the list. When you’re done, just open the notification area and tap the notification to disconnect. AirStash+ 2.1 is available on Google Play and is coming soon to the Amazon Appstore.

Feb 21

AirStash+ 1.3 with photo and backup available

The latest update to our AirStash+ app is now available. AirStash+ 1.3 adds the ability to export photos and videos from the Camera Roll on your iOS device directly to the AirStash. It’s a great way to back up the pictures you’ve shot and video you’ve recorded on the go and share with multiple people.

This version of the app also enhances the file management functionality of the AirStash+ app. Enhanced sorting options make it easy to find the files you want and You can now delete files on the go: simply swipe on any file to reveal the delete button.

AirStash+ 1.3 also includes the latest firmware update for the second-generation AirStash (model A02). With this firmware update, you can now create and delete directories from within the AirStash+ app. Files created wirelessly now have date and time information set; to ensure that correct date and time is available, run the AirStash+ app once after connecting to your AirStash before using any WebDAV clients. This firmware update also addresses compatibility with some WebDAV applications, including ReaddleDocs, PDFExpert, and Air Sharing, and provides better compatibility with HTML documents that refer to other files via relative URLs.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are aware of a crash when running this version of AirStash+ on iOS 4. If you have not or are unable to update your iOS device to iOS 5, do not apply this update. We are submitting a fix to the App Store for this issue.

Feb 9

Walt Mossberg of the WSJ reviews AirStash

For iPad and Mobile Devices, a ‘Port’ out of the Norm

Now, there’s a special, modified, pocket flash drive that works as usual with PCs and Macs, but can transfer and stream files to popular mobile devices without standard USB ports, such as Apple’s iPad and iPhone, Amazon’s Kindle Fire and many other Android devices. Its secret: It has built-in Wi-Fi to beam the files to and from tablets and smartphones wirelessly. It can even stream files like videos to many devices simultaneously.

Read Walt Mossberg’s review of the AirStash at All Things D and on page D1 of today’s Wall Street Journal.

If you already have your second-generation AirStash or are buying one soon, you might be wondering about some of the new features that were mentioned. A new update to the AirStash+ app which supports photo export and directory manipulation has already been submitted to the App Store and should be available next week. The SideLink™ mode that adds support for simultaneous connection to AirStash and a WiFi internet hotspot is currently planned for release next month. Both of these updates will be free for all AirStash A02 customers. Follow our news page for the latest updates!

Jan 5

Maxell and Wearable Announce Mobile Photo Backup and Sharing Solution for iPhone and iPad with the AirStash Wireless Flash Drive

CHICAGO, USA – January 5th, 2012 – Maxell Corporation of America and Wearable Inc. will announce and demonstrate new photo storage, sharing and backup capabilities for the second generation AirStash® at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show. AirStash is the first and only wireless flash drive which uses infinitely expandable SD card media to provide true two-way wireless storage for the iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and other wireless devices. With the upcoming version of the AirStash+ companion app, you can snap photos around the world without worrying about running out of iPhone storage or accidentally losing your captured memories. Stop waiting for slow and costly cloud uploading and feel free to leave your laptop at home — just backup your precious photos and videos to the pocket-sized AirStash.

Enjoy your vacation and capture as many memories as you want: if your iPhone is getting full, just run the free AirStash+ app and quickly backup your camera roll (including video) to your AirStash for unlimited storage with interchangeable SD cards. Once your photos are transferred to the AirStash, you can share your photos with up to eight friends instantly through any compatible WiFi-enabled device.

If you have a point-and-shoot or professional SLR camera with you, you can put the camera’s SD memory card into AirStash for instant viewing of thousands of photos on your iPad or iPhone wherever you are without a laptop — without waiting for a lengthy import process. View up to 75 MP RAW and JPEG, then share with others directly to their own iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, compatible Android device, Windows Phone, or Kindle Fire. Import your best, edit them with apps such as Adobe Photoshop Express, and email them across the world right from your iPad.

“AirStash now provides a complete professional and consumer photo mobile storage solution that eliminates your laptop — making it the perfect iPhone and iPad companion whether you’re on vacation or at work,” states Matthew Klapman, Wearable Inc.’s CEO. “Safe and secure backup of your precious memories is now practical on-the-go without waiting and paying to upload to the cloud. And with all the other features already built into AirStash such as wireless HD video streaming and iWork document sharing, AirStash maintains its leadership as the ultimate mobile storage accessory for smartphones and tablets.”

Maxell’s legacy has always been about saving valued memories. “With simple and wireless point & click photo backup to the pocket sized AirStash, we now make it even easier and faster to save and share your memories,” added Rich D’Ambrise, Director of New Business Development for Maxell.

AirStash A02 is the smaller and more powerful second generation device from the pioneers of mobile wireless storage. Measuring just 3.6 x 1.2 x 0.5 inches (93 x 32 x 13 mm) and weighing just 1.4 oz (41 g), AirStash easily fits into your pocket, backpack, briefcase, or handbag for up to seven hours of continuous video streaming thanks to the built-in lithium-polymer battery. AirStash charges from any USB-equipped laptop or desktop (powered ports only) and works as a USB High Speed flash drive & memory card reader. Memory is provided by an SD / SDHC / SDXC* slot supporting beyond 128GB of high-density storage. New features and enhanced device compatibility can be provided by firmware updates downloaded from the Internet. (*SDXC cards require a manual format before use).

Recently launched worldwide, AirStash is now available at many online and local retailers. For the latest information on availability, please visit and follow or @AirStash on Twitter.

For a live demonstration, please visit the Maxell AirStash iLounge booth #5506 at CES.

About Wearable Inc.:

Wearable Inc. pioneered the mobile wireless storage industry when it launched AirStash, the world’s first wireless flash drive, to great consumer and critical acclaim. Wearable continues its leadership through constant innovation of new features and patent pending technologies for both the consumer and professional markets. Wearable Inc. is a privately owned USA corporation. For more information, please visit

About Maxell Corporation of America:

Maxell Corporation of America, a technology and marketing leader, is a full line manufacturer of digital media products for consumer, professional and data storage markets. The company offers a full line of electronics care and maintenance products along with storage products and a well-known brand of headphones, iPad/iPhone/iPod/MP3 accessories, peripherals and speakers. Maxell has been recognized for forty years for delivering a comprehensive line of digital tape and disc-based recording media products for consumer audio, video and data storage applications. For more information, please visit

AirStash is a trademark of Wearable Inc.

iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, iWork are trademarks of Apple Inc.


Maxell Corporation of America
Donna Austi
On behalf of Maxell

1 917 837-7447

Wearable Inc.
Matthew Klapman

1 847 920-8721

Maxell Corporation of America
Rich D’Ambrise

1 973 653-2406

Jan 3

AirStash A02 update available

A software update (version 1.1.7) is available for the AirStash A02. This update adds the ability to change the WiFi channel to resolve wireless interference issues. To obtain the latest update your AirStash and find instructions on how to change the WiFi channel, see our AirStash update page. For more information on resolving wireless interference issues, see our knowledge base.

Dec 12

Second Generation AirStash Now Available

The second generation AirStash wireless flash drive is now available! AirStash is the first and only wireless flash drive for smartphones and tablets with media streaming and two-way wireless file transfer. The second generation device builds upon the award-winning first generation with 802.11n wireless speed, 3x faster USB data transfer capability and enhanced battery life of up to 7 hours of continuous streaming in a package that’s 30% smaller. AirStash is an essential companion to your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch that gives you the ability to expand your device’s memory with additional media, browse and import photos instantly from your digital camera, or open and save documents directly from AirStash for easy backup and sharing. AirStash also works with many smartphones and tablets including the Kindle Fire and other Android devices!

The second generation AirStash is distributed worldwide by Maxell and comes bundled with an ultra-fast Class 10 SDHC card for easy setup and use right out of the box. AirStash is already available at leading retailers such as Amazon and J&R, and more retailers worldwide will be added soon. For more information on availability, see our listing of retailers carrying the AirStash. To learn more about AirStash, visit or watch a promotional video from Maxell. Be sure to catch us at the 2012 International CES in Booth #5506 in the iLounge Pavilion!

Nov 4

AirStash+ 1.1 now available

The latest version of our AirStash+ app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch is now rolling out to the App Store. In addition to fixing a number of minor bugs, we have greatly improved the photo viewer and photo import feature:

  • Images now display faster when swiping through the list of photos
  • Camera RAW formats are now supported for view and import (exact format support depends on your device)
  • The photo viewer now launches much faster in directories containing thousands of photos

Be sure to check the App Store for the latest update to get the most out of your AirStash!

Jul 11

Wearable Inc. partners with Maxell to distribute AirStash

Wearable Inc. and Maxell today announced a partnership to distribute AirStash®, the first and only wireless flash drive with media streaming and two-way wireless document transfer capability. AirStash is a perfect companion to the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch for anyone who wants to view, save and share documents and media on the go. The partnership will bring second-generation AirStash products bundled with Maxell flash memory to retail, business-to-business and online channels later this year.

"We are extremely excited by the opportunity to bring AirStash to the retail market in partnership with such a well-respected brand as Maxell," said Matthew Klapman, CEO of Wearable Inc. “The Maxell name stands for storage and media innovation that customers trust,” added Rich D’Ambrise, Director of New Business Development for Maxell, “Through our partnership with Wearable Inc., Maxell is taking a leadership position in wireless storage technology for a new generation of smartphones and tablets.”

To learn more about the AirStash and the partnership with Maxell, please see our official press release.

Jun 3

AirStash 1.0.2 supports 64GB+ cards and latest version of iWork

AirStash software version 1.0.2 is now available. This release features updates to the compatibility and functionality of AirStash and is recommended for all users. AirStash is now compatible with 64GB and larger SD cards provided that they have been formatted for use with AirStash. Now you can carry even more of your media for use with all your devices without having to change cards.

This release also addresses a compatibility issue with version 1.4 of Apple’s iWork apps for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch (Keynote, Pages and Numbers). Apple’s latest version of iWork now works with iPhone and iPod touch in addition to iPad. With the latest version of the AirStash software, you can now view, save, share, and backup your iWork documents to one convenient place from all of your Apple devices.

You can learn more and download the latest version of the AirStash software on our software update support site.

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